We’re more than just graphic designers, we’re passionate brand-builders.


About us

The most successful brands connect with people at an elemental level. And that’s what we’re all about. Building brands that connect – really connect – intellectually and emotionally. And we’re about connecting with you. Connecting with your business and your purpose; connecting with the heart and soul of your brand.


Our story

We’re a strategy-led design consultancy, building brands for ambitious businesses and organisations through branding, marketing and communication design.

A Perth-based collective of designers, copywriters, strategists and developers; we bring a wealth of creative experience and technical know-how to every project we tackle.

Our small and agile team deliver projects across the marketing and digital mix. On time. And on the money. 

It’s what we’ve been doing for more than 18 years – creating and redefining brands – so we know any business, any organisation, can create a good brand. But to create a great brand – a brand that turns your business goals into reality – takes strategic and creative thinking. It takes an in tandem approach. 



Our purpose

We’re here to help our clients grow and thrive by building user-centered brands that connect intellectually and emotionally.

But beyond our reason for being, we really do love what we do. And we love sharing our passion with our clients. Helping them create change. Helping them achieve their goals. Helping make good businesses, better. Smart, ambitious businesses.

Our belief and principles are instilled in our ‘in tandem’ process. From small projects to big campaigns. From digital to print. We believe you get better results when you fuse strategic smarts with creativity. When you bring together logic and emotion; words and pictures. When you carefully craft and combine these things, you create brands that sing. Brands that connect with hearts and minds. Brands that cut through and resonate. Brands that shake up markets and stir the soul. 

And that’s what we’re all about. Building beautifully crafted and strategically effective brands. In tandem.



Our partners


Building brands that connect across every touchpoint calls for a rich blend of skills. And we know you get better results when you work in tandem so we take a collaborative approach and bring together the right people for each project. Each one an experienced professional. Each one a master of their respective discipline.


Our extended team capabilities


Copywriters and content creators

From brand names to taglines. From brochure writing to website copy. Find a message that communicates and the words that resonate. Our wordsmith partners will help you get your message and copywriting right.


Photographers and illustrators

From image libraries to product shots. From detailed illustration to large scale installation. Getting your brand picture right is key. Our image-making partners will keep your visual assets on brand.


Web developers and digital marketers

Website development and apps. Online marketing and social media. Your digital footprint is everything. Let our propeller heads do their thing, turning your digital marketing into a hard working asset.


Our clients

Like us, our clients value good design and understand the power it has to make a difference to their business. Working in tandem, we create simple, beautiful and effective design solutions that help their business grow and thrive.


Established brands. Start-up brands. Corporate brands. Contemporary brands.

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes. From brand new start-ups to established market leaders. From corporates to not-for-profits.

If our clients have one thing in common, it’s that they value intelligent ideas, elegantly realised. They understand that design has the power to change minds, behaviours and entire marketplaces.

They know that if you want exceptional results, you need to think and design exceptionally. Differently. Intelligently. Strategically.



What clients are saying


“The work Tandem does is thoughtful, relevant and most importantly, unique. Our product success has been boosted by their design work. They’re sticklers for detail and always go the extra mile to ensure the work they create is printed and produced to a really high standard.”

Greg Garnish, Manager & Winemaker, Margaret River Winemakers

“What I loved about working with Tandem was that they really engaged with and understood what I was trying to achieve. I was left feeling like they wanted to see my start-up succeed as much as I did. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy working with them."

Tracie McDougall, Founder, Savvy Belly


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